Our Health is our Wealth

Leading by example

Every year we increase our awareness and understanding of what it means to be a school founded on water, good food and regular exercise. Our regimes and results attract a lot of interest from educators, health organisations, government ministries and other schools, from both Aotearoa and overseas.  We love to help others transform by offering information and sharing our experiences.

For our students to ‘Kia pai taea tatou - be the best they can’, they need to be healthy and fit.

Here’s how we make sure that happens:

  • Yendarra is a ‘water only’ school, and has been since 2006. Our water fountains are carefully maintained to ensure they’re always working. Children bring their own water bottle to school and can refill whenever they like.
  • We have a ‘food code’ that ensures our tamariki ability to think clearly and behave well is helped along by healthy, nutritious snacks and lunches. We are humbled by the loving care parents take with filling their children’s lunch boxes.- Every day we use our muscles and build our endurance with fun fitness and sports activities.

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