Being our Best

Our vision to ‘Be the BEST we can’ inspires us to strive for continued improvement.

It is a phrase that’s understood by all, from our youngest new entrant through to our elderly mamas and papas, who may not have English as their first language.  Within Yendarra School we have established a collective culture of responsibility and care that touches everything we do - even everything we eat and drink. More about our vision and values.

Off to a great start
Every school day starts out the best, because parents ensure children arrive at school after a nutritious breakfast, wearing their correct school uniform and carrying a healthy school lunch. Water is the only drink students consume at school and our water fountains are regularly maintained to ensure our water is always delicious.

Encouraging excellent attendance
Our students and their whānau know that learning requires commitment. We honour children who achieve excellent attendance (missed 0 to 4 days all year) at our end-of-year celebrations. The number of children achieving excellent attendance grows each year.

Parent voice and involvement
We actively encourage parents to tell us what they want for their community school, we involve whānau in school events and we celebrate parents who we think are amazing.

High student achievement
We set high expectations for our students, expect them to succeed and enthusiastically celebrate their achievements. It’s wonderful to watch our children grow up with an enhanced sense of pride in who they are and what they can achieve in the future. Few behaviour issues exist as our focus is on meeting the learning needs and working at each child’s success level.

Inspiring teaching team
We know that motivated, effective teachers are vital in ‘turning the learning lights on’. We have high expectations of our teaching team to provide teaching and learning programmes that accelerate student achievement.

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