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At Yendarra School, we are proud of our ability to ensure that every child every day experiences a tranquil haven with highly effective teaching and learning programmes. Yendarra parents are excited about their children actually wanting to come to school every day. They love seeing their children thrive in our safe and nurturing environment.

Excerpt from Education Review Report June 2014

Well analysed achievement data is used to improve teaching and learning, to meet individual student needs and to set school priorities. Senior leaders and teachers closely monitor and work to accelerate progress for targeted classes and groups of students.

High quality learning environments promote and support student learning. They reflect the cultural diversity of the community and contribute to students’ sense of well-being.

Senior Leaders have high expectations of teachers and students. They encourage teachers to continually reflect on their practice and collaborate to create high quality teaching programmes. This is helping to ensure the school’s curriculum is effective for all learners.

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Literacy is a learning priority at Yendarra School. We aim to develop competent, confident and articulate students who can apply their reading and writing skills to everyday life.

Students are provided with exciting, authentic and relevant literacy opportunities each day. Classrooms are print-rich, our library is fully-stocked and students have ready access to quality reading and writing materials.

We want students to experience success in mathematics, so that they can continue to use their numeracy skills throughout their lives. We know it is important for children to understand how maths relates to their everyday lives, so when developing numeracy skills use authentic contexts as often as possible. For example: shopping for family food, sharing things with others, making money go the distance.


Play can be a gateway to learning, because it develops imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities and social skills. One exciting learning environment is our ‘Adventure Room’, where our youngest children learn to develop important social skills such as sharing, working together and learning oral language through imaginative play.

Learning is no longer just about learning facts; it is more about learning how to learn. Through inquiry-based learning, students discover how to think about the strengths and weaknesses of their own thinking when they are learning, which helps them to make thoughtful decisions on what to do next.

The walls of classrooms are disappearing as we move away from the traditional teaching styles to embrace learning experiences that are more relevant and personalised to our students. We use classroom spaces differently, and we take learning beyond the classroom whenever we can.

In equipping students for the global workplace, we recognise the need to teach differently and embrace technology to develop the ‘knowledge worker’.  Easy internet access and web-based tools allow schools to meet the demands of our rapidly changing society. We aim to equip our students with the thinking, problem-solving, self-management and resilience abilities needed to succeed in the employment world of the future.

We are proud of the classroom programmes that operate each day at Yendarra School. Children are engaged in meaningful learning and visitors often comment on the peaceful-but-busy feeling that permeates our classrooms and playground.

Music, singing and dancing are a strength of our school. We make the most of the immense skills and talent within our teaching and parent communities. Every year Yendarra performance groups delight many different audiences around Auckland.

We believe in inclusive education, so we have created focused learning environments to cater for the different groups within our school.For children who require an extra boost to their literacy and numeracy, we have ‘Learning Personal Trainers’ to provide further support over and above the classroom programme.

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